“The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.” – Matthew 25:40

When you put on or see Knights in yellow vests that read “Helping Citizens with Developmental Disabilities,” you should smile. When these Knights are holding their bright cans and collecting donations around town, they are helping to recognize the dignity of every person.

For every donation, each donor is offered a ruler by the Knight present. Because of these little gifts of appreciation, the “Campaign for People with Developmental Disabilities” is frequently referred to as the “Measure Up Drive.” It is our “FLAGSHIP“charity fundraiser conducted anually throughout the Great State of Ohio.

So the next time you put on that yellow vest and ask for donations outside a store or at a fundraising activity, give out a ruler, and remember it’s more than a “Measure Up Drive.” It’s a chance to provide people with developmental disabilities more resources to live a happy life.

It is through our “Measure Up Drive” that we, as Knights of Columbus, can live and show the world how we embrace the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

The Campaign


Assisting those with Developmental Disabilities

This fundraising effort raises approximately $370,000 for over 322 statewide and local caring agencies that sponsor a variety of training and support programs. Of the money collected, 80 percent is returned to the local councils for donating to their local agencies. The remaining 20 percent is used for statewide programs.

Program Dates

April 22-24 and April 29, 30 and May 1, 2021

Fundraising activities can be ran throughout the year.  The 2021 Campaign will close on AUGUST 1, 2021.  This provides enough time to ensure the checks are sent out to the councils and the report can be completed before the January District Deputy Meeting. 


Five Major Fundraising Ideas


State Deputy Corporate Letter

The State Deputy drafted a letter that can used for corporate sponsors.  Contact State Measure Up Chairman (see below) and give him the store name, corporate or store manager and the address and zip. A letter from the state council asking for their support will be sent.


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The Gimme Five Campaign

Here is you chance to directly donate to the “Measure Up Drive.”  Financial Secretaries send the “Gimme Five” flyer (emailed to you) with the council membership dues notices. Those who contribute will receive a special “Gimme-Five Club” sticker (sent) affixed to their membership card.

If Financial Secretaries need Gimmie-5 stickers, please contact State Measure Up Chairman (see below).



Local Business Campaign

Local area businesses as well as Knights and Parishioners who have businesses are contacted through a general mailing campaign or a hand-written letter from the GK. You solicit a financial contribution explain in the cover letter how these business contributions will assist those with mental disabilities in their community.



Council Fundraiser(s)

Your council funds for Measure Up can be raised with a fundraising activity sponsored by the local council, IDEAS include: After a weekend’s Masses AND/OR using the Parish Sunday Collection envelope (see sample above-make adjustments as needed i.e. your council & #). Plan now to have a council-sponsored program that will raise council donations, even if you hold it between June and December.


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The Traditional Street Collection

The most familiar and easy way to raise funds for Measure Up has been soliciting from the general public on the street in the community OR after a weekend’s Masses. Contact local merchants or your Pastor for permission and solicit the help of members to collect funds on the street or after Masses for Measure Up. Rulers should be provided as a token of appreciation for donors.

Ten Steps for Measure Up Success

1. Set a council goal of at least 10 percent greater than last year’s collection total.

2. Mail the “$5 Greenback bills” flyers to all council members, especially with the 2019 membership dues notices. This is an important part of our Measure Up Campaign and allows the Ohio State Council to claim that 100 percent of all street collections will be used for our Citizens with Developmental Disabilities. Members who contribute will get a special sticker added to their 2019 membership travel card by their council Financial Secretary.

3. Appoint a council Measure Up Chairman (or co-chairs), who will be responsible for the specific details for the council’s campaign. Then organize a committee of ‘key’ council people and local organizations that help Citizens with Developmental Disabilities.

4. Plan a Measure Up fundraising activity, such as collection after Masses, and set a date. Organize a committee and advertise to promote this event.

5. Organize a local business “direct mail” campaign or hand-written letter from your GK, asking for a contribution to the 2019 Measure Up campaign. Make sure the local businesses are aware of how the council will use the donated funds in the community. Emphasize that Measure Up is our “flagship” charity!

6. Solicit council members for the needed MANPOWER and success of a street collection campaign or a special fundraiser.

7. Make sure to contact local businesses and merchants for permission to solicit funds. Use the posters and material provided by the Ohio State Council to increase awareness and purpose of the Measure Up Program.

8. If required, secure a solicitation permit if needed for a street collection in the community.

9. Schedule the Measure Up collection for the dates listed above or whenever your council can. Let the community know the purpose and goal of Measure Up and our dedication to this “flagship” charity of the Ohio Knights of Columbus. Place articles in local newspapers, community news and “Letters to the Editor” columns. Have permits, aprons, canisters and rulers available for the volunteers for the specified collection times. Demonstrate our Order’s principle of charity for our special friends with Developmental Disabilities.

10. Complete the Measure-Up Report and Grant Form.  Make checks payable to Ohio State Council, Knights of Columbus.  Send the check along with the paperwork to the State Measure Up Chairman (see address below).

Measure Up Council Recognition Awards

For Ohio councils supporting the Measure Up Program, the following achievement awards will be presented in these categories:

1. Highest total dollars collected by a council (one council winner)

2. Highest total dollars collected per member by a council (one winner)

3. Highest total dollars collected by a council in each state program division * (five winners)

4. Highest total dollars collected per member by a council in each division * (five winners)

* Council breakdown by division is based on membership numbers

Contact Information

Further questions about the Measure Up Campaign can be directed to the State Measure Up Chairman. Please make your council checks are payable to the “Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus” and mail your completed Measure Up Grant Form and payment to:

 James K. Maslach, State Warden
4927 Autumnwood Ln  |  Brunswick, OH 44212
Phone/Text: 440-785-9838  |  E-mail: kofcjkm@gmail.com