Recruiting Tips


Create a prospect list

  • Form a welcoming committee to welcome new families to the parish.
  • Ask for permission to address the current RCIA class.
  • If your parish holds a Men’s Renewal weekend, get a list of the attendees and team members.
  • Ask your pastor for a roster and ask if he has any men he would recommend.
  • Obtain a list of recent high school graduates.

Recruit in teams

  • No more than two men.
  • Men with sales experience or good communication skills.
    • Hint: Ask the guys who sell the most Football Frenzy and Super Cash tickets.
  • Have a strategy in place – don’t just “wing-it”.
  • Include your family – have your wife talk with his wife.
    • If she says yes, you have a win!!!
  • Highlight how your faith has been impacted by the Knights.
  • Concentrate your discussion about your local council.
  • Invite the man and his family to a family function your council is holding.

Use your insurance agent

  • He knows how to sell and he knows the Order.

Ask your Pastor for recommendations

  • Ask him to talk with potential members.

Ask your Diocesan Membership Director and District Deputy for help

  • They have a lot of experience recruiting and they know the Order.

Advertise regularly in your parish bulletin

  • Also have the bulletin tell about the great things your council is doing in the parish and the community.

Don’t be afraid to ask – no matter the age

Be respectful of the person’s time

Even if you know he has been asked before, ask again – he can change his mind


Supreme Literature to Aid Your Efforts


State Growth Team

Andrew Nuckols

Andrew Nuckols

State Growth Director

Greg Singlar, State E-Membership Coordinator

Michael Freil, Membership Retention Coordinator

Robert Hernandez, Hispanic Council Coordinator

Diocesan Growth Directors

Vic Lauterbach, Cincinnati North
Mark Kosobud, Cincinnati South
Michael Incorvati, Cleveland
Eric Yang, Columbus
Erol J. Hosdil, Steubenville
Willi Meyer, Toledo
Dom Capezzuto, Youngstown