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September 2019

Can you feel it? Do you sense what is going on here?  Yes, most people are anticipating the start of football season. There are the Browns, Buckeyes and the great local college and high school programs getting underway.  More importantly to us is the start of our program season. This is the time that many councils start to kick things into gear. Charity, Unity and Fraternity are showing brightly causing an electricity in the air. Let us all work together to bring the light of Christ to as many as we can during this fraternal year and show that Cleveland is alive, flourishing and living the gospel as Jesus has asked us.

Membership & Insurance

9/20/2019 MBR July 1 # Councils Recruiting Supreme Quota Ohio Quota YTD Gain YTD Loss YTD Net %Ohio Quota
Cleveland 10,151 22 726 450 50 7 43 11.11%

Membership Detail Report

9/20/2019 MBR July 1 New Insurance Supreme Quota YTD Gain YTD Loss YTD Net %Supreme Quota
Cleveland 10,151 9 313 12 13 -1 -0.32%

 Insurance Detail Report

9/20/2019 MBR July 1 Form 185 Form 365 Form 1295-1 Form 1728 Form 1295-2
Cleveland 10,151 63 52 58 0 0

 Administrative Detail Report

Diocesan Calendar

Team Cleveland

Jim Maslach

Jim Maslach

State Warden

Phone: 440-785-9838
Email: kofcjkm@gmail.com

George Metz

George Metz

Diocesan Membership Director

Mike Incorvati

Mike Incorvati

Diocesan District Deputy Coordinator

Diocesan Events and Fundraisers

Contact Jim Maslach at kofcjkm@gmail.com or 440-785-9838 to get your event or fundraiser listed here.  Must be able to email a PDF or JPG flyer that contains event, dates and times, location and costs.

Please note that MLB and ESPN have changed the time of the game from 1:10 PM to 6:37 PM.  Therefore, Mass has been re-scheduled for 3:30 PM.