Diocese of Cleveland

September 2020

Vivat Jesus! I hope and pray that you, your families, and council members and their families continue to be safe. Please know that all of you are in my prayers every day.

Are you feeling alone? Isolated? You don’t want to talk to anyone? Terry Pluto wrote another Faith and Light article for the Plain Dealer on Sunday, August 23. He talked about the Elijah Blues. No, it is not a new band playing at the House of Blues, but something very real. See what you think Feeling worn down? Are you hiding at home?

Many of us are at home with COVID-19 laughing at us. What are we to do? As Knights of Columbus, we can easily insert ourselves into Elijah. “Part of him was a guy who got things done. He was brave. He felt God’s hand on his life and had the courage to act on it in the face of those who despised him.” Sounding familiar? Knights do this day-in and day-out. But, there is also the other side of the coin, “But then he got tired. I’m going to repeat that: Then he got tired…very, very tired. When we’re tired, we hear the voice of our emotional enemies.” You cannot do that. You should stay home.

Terry suggests that you get up and do something. So what is stopping you? Safety is the first and foremost thing that should be on our minds. But, life must go on and continue to move forward. If the settlers looked at the picture above, their first thought would be on a wasteland where nothing can grow where we would our crops come from today? Instead, we put our nose to the grindstone – get creative – and find a way to continue. That is all we are asking you as councils to do now. Get creative, explore areas were you might not have before. You never know what you will find out about yourselves in the process.

Finally, Steve Cohen, Regional Training Director, is providing training sessions throughout September. You can sign up by visiting the state website site and clicking on the Supreme Training Opportunities button.  If any council is in need of assistance in setting up and running virtual meetings, please contact Jim, Mike or George. We can help you get things started, communicate to the members, and facilitate. Brothers, we are here to assist you. Stay safe and pray. Together we will get through this – together we will be stronger!

9/11/2020 MBR July 1 # Councils Recruiting Supreme Quota (Gain) YTD Gain % Supreme Goal
OHIO 55,831 93 1,850 247 13.35%
Cleveland 9,923 14 331 25 7.56%


9/11/2020 Form 185 Form 365 Form 1295-1 Form 1728 Form 1295-2
OHIO 380 238 262 0 0
Cleveland 80 54 70 0 0


Team Cleveland

Jim Maslach

Jim Maslach

State Warden

Phone: 440-785-9838
Email: kofcjkm@gmail.com

George Metz

George Metz

Diocesan Membership Director

Mike Incorvati

Mike Incorvati

Diocesan District Deputy Coordinator

Measure Up 2020

Measure Up 2020 is going full scale now. We understand that standing out in front of stores or even the parish may not be possible. Again, creativity is the name of the game. What about sending envelopes to the parishioners, what about donation jars at Mass. What about setting up an online donation?  The Measure Up Campaign will close on November 1. Please make sure that all of your checks and paperwork (online or PDF) are sent to Jim Maslach, State Warden. All the information is available on the state website.

Football Frenzy Tickets

How were those fish fries? Any summer fundraisers that worked well? If not, rest assured, the Football Frenzy Tickets are here for you.  What?????? You did not get any? Did you call PSD Gary Eckstein? No? Why not? What are you waiting for?  Gary needs a point of contact, shipping address, council number and number of tickets you want. That is it! Call him at 614-679-4238 or email the info to gary.eckman@sbcglobal.net.  If your council does not want to participate. OK. The state will then be mailing tickets to your council members. Your council will not be eligible to receive any of the rebates associated with the program. So, order you tickets – TODAY!


As of August 27th, we have a total intake of nine new members for the month of August. The goal for the Cleveland Diocese for August is 20 new members. So we reached 45% of our quota for August. Year to date we have 18 new members and are at 53% for the combined quota months total. We stand at 5.4 % of our fraternal intake year quota of 331 members.
The top recruiting Councils YTD are:
  1. 4847 (3)
  2. 547 (2)
  3. 4498 (2)
  4. 16373 (2)
The top recruiting districts YTD are:
  1. 29 (5)
  2. 27 (3)
  3. 32 (3)
See where your councils are in the Circle of Honor race. Cleveland is currently in 5th place. We need to kick it in to high gear and get recruiting using e-Membership and the Online Exemplifications. If you need help, contact Jim, Mike or I. We are here to help you.  The incentives are still out there. Are you?


Hello my Brother Knights. Thank you for the participation over these past two months in our Virtual Benefit Knights. As we start the new fraternal year my Agency is excited to take our Benefit Knights and our Recruitment of Catholic Men into our order to the next level. What a Blessing to join the Knights of Columbus in light of the upcoming Beatification of Father Michael J. McGivney!

Please reach out to my office at anytime to set up a fraternal benefit night in your parish.

Online Exemplifications

Both Supreme and State are making available for you to bring in members with our Online Exemplification. The State has Exemplifications are changing to Wednesdays at 7PM and Saturdays at 9AM.  Supreme is holding exemplifications on through July. They also have them available On-Demand. Information is sent to the Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries. Check with them for more information.

District Deputy Corner

As Summer is winding down and schools are starting up, many of our councils are also transitioning. There are more councils that are meeting in person. Just reminding you to wear masks, try to keep your safe distancing, and have sanitizer available for your members. In order to keep a 6’ distance, you may need to temporarily move your meeting location to a larger room. Supreme suggests not to have a sign-in sheet. Instead, have a single person record the names who are present. If your council was having virtual meetings, we ask that you live stream your in person meetings to make it available for those members that aren’t comfortable meeting in person.

By now, forms #185, #365, and semi-annual audits are all now past due. We are now down to 6 councils in the diocese without #185. These are so important for the State and Supreme so they know the proper people to contact in each council. There are still many councils that haven’t submitted the #365 and audits. There are several purposes for the #365, most importantly, to identify the 4 required people to be certified in Supreme’s Youth protection program. We had one council this past year that did not get Star Council only because they weren’t compliant in the protection program. Of course, the audit is there for your council’s financial security.

If your council is planning a Soccer Shootout this fall, we ask that it is done by the first week of October. Please notify your DD and myself (mbaincorvati@hotmail.com) if you are having a contest. I need to schedule a regional contest. I would much rather schedule it closer to the kids shooting than closer to me.

If you are planning a membership Delta Church Drive in October, now is the time to be planning it. Your DD and George Metz can help you with this.

Finally, the State website has updated it’s system on reporting council programs. Please, take a few minutes to let us know what you are doing as a council. The best way to do this is shortly after each activity, or each month do a few at a time. If you need help, ask your DD or myself.  Thank you for all you do and stay safe.

Diocesan Events and Fundraisers

Contact Jim Maslach at kofcjkm@gmail.com or 440-785-9838 to get your event or fundraiser listed here.  Must be able to email a PDF or JPG flyer that contains event, dates and times, location and costs.