District Deputy Meeting

Columbus Marriott Northwest

June 28-30, 2024

Registration is NOW OPEN!

“Help one another.  This is what Jesus teaches us.  This is what I do.  And I do it with my heart.” – Pope Francis

As district deputy, you have been appointed to provide leadership to the councilsin your assigned district. Through your example of faith, charity and goodjudgment, you provide the model for council officers in your district to follow.When you set a tone that is open and engaging, you help ensure your district’sgrowth in charitable outreach and membership.


10 Keys to Success as a District Deputy

  1. Communicate priorities and be visible.
  2. Encourage your councils and assist them in conducting charitable works.
  3. Aid your councils with membership recruitment and ensure the exemplification of frequenct Admission Degrees.
  4. Help your councils to earn Star Council.
  5. Promote our Order’s top-rated insurance program.
  6. Assist councils in setting realistic goals.
  7. Enlist the support of the priests within your district and develop working relationships with organizations in each community to ensure continued charitable activities and membership growth.
  8. Conduct productive district meetings and strategic planning sessions with your councils.
  9. Generate an atmosphere where all members are welcome and valued.
  10. Utilize your state council officers and Supreme Council Headquarters.

On November 19, 2023, State Deputy Jeff Kiliany and State DD Director Chris Dodson hosted a DD Webinar.  Click to watch the video.

A fast start training session for District Deputies for the Cleveland Youngstown Diocese on June 9, 2021 via Zoom. The session was held with Jeff Kiliany, State Secretary and Jim Maslach, State Advocate, to provide insight and familiarity with the DD position and requirements.