Super Cash Bonanza

The Story Continues…February 2023

Super Cash Bonanza is the Ohio State Council’s annual Charity Campaign. The income from the Charity Campaign provides a significant amount of funding for our many charitable donations that are given to our church, school systems and community projects. The campaign is funded through our ticket sales – so member knights are encouraged to help support our council and sell or purchase their tickets.

There are over $108,000 worth of prizes to be awarded.  The proceeds are used to help support:

  • State Squires Program
  • Diocesan Vocation Programs
  • Diocesan Seminarians
  • Our Veterans
  • Diocesan Religious Education
  • Catholic High School Education
  • Diocesan And State Charities
  • Our Priests And Bishops


Further questions about the Super Cash Bonanza Campaign can be directed to the State Treasurer and Super Cash Chairman Mike Felerski via phone or text at 513-869-0180 or email

Thank you for all of the councils and members that made this a reality.  The story continues next year so come and see what the Charity Brothers will do to reach the $1,000,000 in sales for charity!


1st Prize: $49,680

Payable $414/Month for 10-Years!

2nd Prize: $18,780

Payable $313/Month for 5-Years!

3rd Prize: $12,720

Payable $212/Month for 5-Years!

And even more prizes!

4th Prize: $4,000
5th Prize: $3,000
6th-9th Prizes: $1,500
10th-13th Prizes: $1,250
14th-17th Prizes: $1,000
18th-21st Prizes: $750
22nd-25th Prizes: $500

Important Dates to Remember

  • February – Plan your ticket distribution system (Personal Delivery or Mail Campaign).  Make arrangements for Partnering with organizations in your community.
  • February 4-6 and 11-13: Ticket Distribution Weekends Across Ohio!
  • March-April: Monitor and Promote Sales
  • April 1: First Turn-In Date.  Send to State Treasurer.
  • May 13: Second Turn-In.  Bring to the State Convention at Kalahari Sandusky.
  • May 21: Drawing Streamed via YouTube (Stay Tuned for More Info!)
  • May 22: Winners List to Distributed and Posted