Basketball Crazr Sweepstakes

Basketball Sweepstakes Fundraiser
Proceeds benefit K of C Programs

“The Road to the FINAL FOUR” is fast approaching as we prepare for the Ohio Knights “Final Four Basketball” Sweepstakes program! The Ohio Knights continue to raise funds for our numerous charitable programs throughout the state, but instead of just asking for donation of money, here is an opportunity not only to donate, but also an opportunity to win some cash prizes.

The Ohio Knights “Final Four Basketball” Sweepstakes tickets are very limited, so your opportunity to win is excellent. Your interest in the upcoming tournament will be further enhanced by following teams listed on your tickets.  The ticket program works this way.

I would like to thank you for your past involvement in our charitable fundraising programs and hopefully your contribution to our “Final Four Basketball” Sweepstakes program

How it works

Each of your sweepstakes tickets have four (4) NCAA basketball teams assigned to it from Selection Sunday, until the final games for your individual teams.  Once an assigned team has been eliminated, you will no longer receive points for that given team. Your four (4) teams will stay the same throughout the duration of the tournament.  In the event that one or more of your assigned teams does not qualify for the NCAA Tournament, your ticket will be given the next highest seed(s) available to replace them, which can be found displayed on the website at

Winners: Only the “Highest” points across all sweepstakes entries will win a proze at the conclusion of each of the first two weekends.  “Highest” and “Lowest” points across all sweepstakes entries win a prize from tip-off to final game for teams of the NCAA basketball tournament (Third weekend only).  Scores of all sweepstake entries are reviewed in order to determine the cash prize winners.  Results will be posted as quickly as possible at the end of each weekend and the tournament final.  Results can be viewed at and

2024 Tournament Updates

Selection Sunday took place and there are a couple of teams that may be on your tickets but are not in the tournament.  If you have the following teams, the replacement team will immediately follow below:

  • Memphis -> NORTH CAROLINA
  • Ohio State -> IOWA STATE
  • Villanova – > ILLINOIS
  • Xavier – > AUBURN
  • If Virginia wins Tuesday, they are in.  If Virginia loses Tuesday, the replacement is BYU.

If you would like to keep track of the tournament, please click HERE for live updates.

Tournament Prizes ($5,000)

First Weekend
Rounds 64 and 32
24 Winners $50 Per
$1,200 Awarded

Second Weekend
Rounds 16 and 8
15 Winners $100 Per
$1,500 Awarded

FINAL 4 Weekend

Highest: $550
2nd Highest: $400
3rd Highest: $300
4th Highest: $275
5th Highest: $150
6th Highest: $125
7th Highest: $100
8th Highest: $100
9th Highest: $75
10th Highest: $75

Lowest: $100
2nd Lowest: $50

Questions or Get In On The Fun!

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Gary at 614-679-4238.  Please make your Council checks payable to the “OHIO STATE COUNCIL, K OF C FUNDRAISING” and send to:

Mr. Gary Eckstein, PSD
State Fundraising Chairman
P.O. Box 535
Grove City, OH 43123-0535