Football Crazr Sweepstakes

2019 Sweepstakes Fundraiser

Proceeds benefit K of C Programs

The 2019 Football Sweepstakes involves the last 10 weeks of games played by the NFL this season – games that will be played between Oct 27 and Dec 29. Donation is $20.00 per ticket.

At least $2,500 in prizes will be awarded each week or at least $25,000 over the contest period.

The 23 winners are determined by ticket holders with the four teams that score the most – or the least – number of points in that given week of games.

The scores from the previous week’s games are used for teams that are not scheduled to play on any given week. A winners’ list will be posted on and – Password is going to your ticket number.

How it works

  • 23 Chances to Win Per Ticket For 10 Weeks

  • $2,500.00 in Weekly Prizes $25,000 in Total Prizes

  • Prizes Are ONLY From Tickets Sold By 2019 Football Sweepstakes

  • Each Ticket Provides 4 Random Pro Football Teams per Week

  • Your Score is the Total Number of Points each game per week

  • Prizes are Determined By the Highest/Lowest 4-Team Total per week


  • Highest: $400
  • 2nd highest: $250
  • 3rd highest: $225
  • 4th highest: $200
  • 5th highest: $175
  • 6th highest: $150
  • 7th highest: $125
  • 8th highest: $100
  • 9th highest: $90
  • 10th highest: $80
  • 11th highest: $70
  • 12th highest: $60
  • 13th highest: $50
  • 14th highest: $50
  • 15th highest: $50
  • 16th highest: $45
  • 17th highest: $45
  • 18th highest: $40
  • 19th highest: $30
  • Lowest: $100
  • 2nd lowest: $75
  • 3rd lowest: $50
  • 4th lowest: $40

Questions & Checks

Please make your Council checks payable to the “OHIO STATE COUNCIL, K OF C FUNDRAISING” and send to:

Mr. Gary Eckstein, PSD
State Fundraising Chairman
P.O. Box 535
Grove City, OH 43123-0535

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Gary at 614-679-4238.

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