Star Council Report

Updated: August 2, 2019

Worthy Sirs,

Below is the August Star Council Report.  The list contains the revised district deputy list, new district numbers, new Diocesan District Deputy Coordinator assignments and the new General Agent assignments for each council.

As of August 1, we have 216 councils with no Form 365 being submitted. However, this form is still be processed at Supreme.  REMEMBER…..this form is required in order to process the Safe Environment Training schedule for your council officers, if needed.  The certificates are good for three years.  And, we have 78 councils still missing their Form 185 at Supreme.

District Deputies….please review your councils’ status and be prepared to discuss with them on your next council visit. 

And congratulations to Council 16279 and their insurance agent. After one month, they have achieved 100% of their Insurance Quota. 

Ken Girt, PSD
Special Report Chairman

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