State Convention 2021

Cincinnati, OH / May 22, 2021 / Virtual Event

This letter is our UPDATED notification for a non-traditional VIRTUAL state convention meeting.   We are utilizing all forms of communication to ensure that information is accurate and timely.

These are updates and a review of the changes we are making in conducting business.  In all the above ways, I/we am/are trying to stay proactive in addressing the current health climate.  

Our Ohio State Council website is updated frequently and is a good source of K of C information.  However, if there are any unanswered questions or if you need additional information, please contact me or your diocesan state officer. 

Stay healthy and please pray for an end to the coronavirus pandemic.


8:00AM – Memorial Mass
9:15AM – Super Cash Bonanza Drawing
10:00AM – State Awards Ceremony
Morning Session Streamed via YouTube and Facebook

1:00PM – Business Session Begins
3:00PM – Business Session Closes
Afternoon Session Streamed via GoToWebinar

NON-DELEGATES WILL NOT NEED TO REGISTER.  A link will be made available to all members wanting to watch the 122nd State Convention via GoToWebinar.  Registered delegates are required to have either computer or smartphone for access to ElectionBuddy application.  More to come on this soon.